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Sept. 29-Oct. 4,  2020


Festival highlights

 IBFF Awards Presentatio n  

  And the award goes to...

The Marketplace Where 

Training &

Business gets done

The IBFF team is gearing up for the 2020 festival and we're excited to bring you the fresh content you can always count on from our network of creatives and business professionals. Since 2006, we've created a place for the film community to converge for inspiration and to get business done. 


What you'll experience

As you've come to expect from us, this year's IBFF will be an exciting combination of a festival, conference, and marketplace. The festival focuses on engaging and sharing the work of creatives from around the globe, while the conference is the epicenter of for training and education. And the marketplace is where deals are made, ideas are cultivated brands are exposed and business is done.  

We want you to be a part of this exciting time. So come on out meet new people, connect with your peers and just be apart of the amazing energy of the festival. Be sure to join our mailing list and follow us on social media to stay connected. See you at the festival! 




Education, training, and networking that elevates your creative path.

Experience discussions with Directors, Producers, and Cast. Special Conversations with Influencers & special guests.



New ideas, creative thought, new imaginations, a better solution, and new technologies...

Experience a forum that focuses on the impact of technology and the power of innovation in the industry.



Advocating for and supporting of positive social change.

Experience a forum that highlights the impact of social justice and activism in the creative space.



Matters of Money... the act of converting an idea, a product or service or expression into a source of revenue.

This forum will focus on money matters and opportunity from investments, crowdfunding, venture capitalism & budgeting.



A Screening forum to carefully and intentionally observe a work.

Watch Independent and Studio films by content creators from around the globe.



The act of providing, pleasure, amusement or enjoyment.

Live music, parties, and mixers...time to really have fun.


The International Black Film Festival is the premier meeting place for people committed to the mission of improving the quality and value of Film, Television, Music, and Technology. The event attracts over 5,000 industry professionals and entertainment enthusiast from around the world.


Advertise in the Festival Guidebook or inquire about Exhibitor and Vendor opportunities.


  • Generate greater awareness on a grassroots level

  • Network with influential decision-makers

  • Enhance your corporate image

  • Increase product awareness through sampling and brand presence