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kurtis blow

The International Black Film Festival (IBFF),  kicks off its 18th season, September 27th to October 1st, presenting opening day panels on social justice, its impact on culture, film, and music... and a “Salute to 50 years of Hip-Hop” panel,  a dialogue distinguished by the presence of a true master, a legendary artist of rap, and our honored guest, Mr. Kurtis Blow on *Wednesday, September 27th.


On *Thursday, September 28th, IBFF gets an up-and-close opportunity to talk to the  "These Are the Breaks" and "Basketball" icon in,  A Conversation with a True Architect of Hip-Hop, Kurtis Blow.  In a wide-ranging discussion, enlivened by audience participation, Kurtis Blow will provide insights on his creativity, rap career, and how they have fueled his incredible life journey.

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Salute to 50 Years of Hip-Hop: The Impact on the Industry, Social Justice & Culture

Lyrical bravado, bomb ass beats, dope samples, freestyle battles, coastal beefs, DJ’s, collabos, dance, and we, of course, can’t forget the gear.  Old school Hip Hop is selling out arenas to young and older concertgoers in 2023. It is the musical genre that is still sweeping through the halls of just about every industry, every culture, it encountered, on a global scale. It is a  movement that has carried the stories of money, relationships, poverty, and injustices. The power of its clarion call still resonates through generations long after its inception. It is a living and breathing cultural icon. Join us as we pay homage to 50 years of hip-hop and its undeniable influence on Music, Film, and TV.

*Seating is limited. Early purchase is recommended. 

Wednesday, Sept. 27 / 4:30-6pm

Location:  Jubilee Hall Fisk University


8 Million Stories: A Conversation with a True Architect of Hip-Hop. Moderated by Craig King

Just as his highly acclaimed hit record “8 Million Stories” featuring Run DMC  served as a cautionary tale about life in the city iconic rapper Kurtis Blow has his own stories to tell about his journey in Hip Hop.


Heralding hits such as The Breaks and Basketball Blow is undoubtedly one of the GOAT’s of our time.  Join us for this up close and personal conversation with a true pioneer of rap.  


*Seating is limited. Early purchase is recommended. 

Thursday, Sept. 28 / 11:00 am-12:15pm

Location:  Jubilee Hall Fisk University

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