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DIRECTOR(s): Chase Parker
PROJECT TYPE: Narrative Short
GENRE: Thriller
COUNTRY: United States
RUN:  20:44 min.
KEY CAST: Charlie Q Smith, Wilson Christopher, Tra'lynn Husbands, Colin Pieters, Jade Cayne, Angelo Whitehead, Celeste Sena, Emily Foley, Sam Swanson

Steven and Janet are fed up with gentrification, whitewashing, and code switching in the big city. They move to Afrotree, an experimental, gated community populated by only African-American residents. Their dream of living in a cultural oasis suddenly becomes a nightmare when they discover they might not be “Black” enough.

Shorts Suite 3 

Saturday, September 30⋅12:00 – 2:20pm

Location:  R. Milton and Denice Johnson Center

Welcome to Afrotree - Poster.jpeg
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