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DIRECTOR(S): Ivan Rome
PROJECT TYPE: Narrative Short
GENRE: Comedy, Family, Student
COUNTRY: United States
RUN:  8:37 min.

Claretha, a soap opera-loving grandmother, has always dreamed of being a star, and she's finally got her chance. TIKTOK. She's gonna go viral baby! BUT, she needs a little help from her grandson, Daryl, who didn't plan to spend the day teaching his grandma how to do a TikTok dance. Will they be able to successfully make a TikTok? Maybe. Will their TikTok go viral? Who knows! But, watching the two of them struggle through this challenge together will be a fun ride filled with peach cobbler, Hollywood dreams, and a whole lot of funky dancing.

Shorts Suite 3 

Saturday, September 30⋅12:00 – 2:20pm

Location:  R. Milton and Denice Johnson Center

TikTok Challenged Poster 24x36 (1).png
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