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A Living History of African American Music

DIRECTOR(s): Julya Jara
PROJECT TYPE: Documentary Long
GENRE:  Feature, Television, Web / New Media
COUNTRY: United States
RUN TIME:  1:18:43 min.
KEY CAST: Lauren Anya Jwahir Hunter, Cynthia Freeman Gibbs, Tanesha Payne, Veronica Williams, Michael Sumuel, Marc "Mockingbird" Smith, Aaron Prado, Ron Wilkins, Beverly Houston, Andrea Vocab Sanderson

In the setting of the historic Carver Center in San Antonio, Texas, aunt and niece explore the history of African American music.  Aunt Cynthia, a music history buff, teaches her niece Lauren about music genres born and formed by African American history and culture. They cover music during the times of slavery, Negro Spirituals, Blues, Ragtime, Jazz, Harlem Renaissance, Gospel, Civil Rights movement, Soul and R&B, and Hip Hop. Aunt Cynthia inspires Lauren’s curiosity about history by making it relevant to music. 

Sunday, October 1⋅2:45 – 4:05pm

Location:  R. Milton and Denice Johnson Center

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