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Friday,  Oct. 4th, 2019  



Friday, Oct. 4 / 3:30p / Watkins


Searching for Nirvana Noire

Travel influencer Nathan Fluellen is a thrill-seeking, world traveler who immerses himself into cultures from all around the world delivering compelling content to his followers every day. Challenged years ago by his mentor to visit as many countries as possible, Nathan has traveled to 6 continents and over 60 countries.  In tv, his series “World Wide Nate: African Adventures,” audiences vicariously experience Africa through Nathan as he uncovers every treasure the motherland has to offer. 


Searching for Nirvana Noire:

World Wide Nate travels to Nicaragua, a country known for its food, volcanoes; and beaches, where he will eat fresh lobster tails, and surf atomic size waves in his ongoing quest to reach the black man's nirvana!

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Saturday  Oct. 5th, 2019  



Saturday Oct. 5 / 5:30p / Johnson Ctr


The Journey of Deland McCullough

Kansas City Chiefs running backs coach Deland McCullough went searching for his biological parents. He found them where he never would have expected.

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