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Friday, Oct. 4 / 3:15p-4:30p / Watkins


No Mail, Low Moral

855 black women soldiers, led by the highest-ranking black woman in the US Army, were sent overseas in 1945 to clear over 17 million pieces of backlogged mail.  They faced racism, sexism, and the Nazis.  Just when you thought every American story about World War II had been told, along comes this one--the detailed account of the only all-black female unit to serve in Europe during the war.  Led by the highest-ranking black female in the Army, they faced racism, sexism, and the Nazis.  


Saturday, Oct. 5 / 6:06p-7:36p / Watkins


Husband and wife music producers Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew embark on an ambitious journey to Cuba: Two weeks in Havana to create a collaboration of sounds which originated from Afro-Caribbean roots that has evolved into what we now consider modern-day Salsa music. Bringing together artists from the U.S. and Cuba, the film shines a light on Cuban culture and takes the viewer through the creative process and challenges of producing an album while providing an auditory sensation that touches the soul. Featuring Eric Benét, Louie Vega and Sergio George-who has produced albums for Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and more. Audiences will walk away feeling the passion, positive energy, triumph, and love that keeps this musical marriage strong.

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