Saturday, Oct. 5 / 9:00a-10:00a / Watkins


What if…Then What? is a dramatic story of a friendship being torn apart by bullying. It follows 11-year-old, Cameron Walker and his friendship with Kyle Morris. Cameron is aware that they are growing apart from one another which started when Kyle joined the school’s basketball team. What begins as harmless “roasting” from Kyle's teammates, turns into full blown bullying. Though it bothers Cameron, he tolerates it because he knows how important basketball is to Kyle. But he can no longer take the public disgracing. Cameron is determined to get even with Kyle and his teammates for bullying him.

Directed by Squeaky Moore

Saturday Oct. 5 / 9:00a-10:00a / Watkins


CHI-nanigans follows the adventures of mischievous tween-aged siblings, Foster and Marie, as they come of age in a diverse neighborhood learning how to accept and understand their own differences, and those of the other's they interact with at school and in their community.

Directed by Jill Ross

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