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1. When is the Online Film Festival?     

The online film festival is scheduled for December 2-5, 2021. Patrons can access the virtual festival by going to 24 hours a day.


2. Is there a cost for the online film festival?     

These are challenging times, there is only a convenience fee, additionally, we are asking for donations for each event at checkout for this year’s festival.  Upon successfully purchasing your online screening ticket,    an access code link will be forwarded to each viewer's email granting access to the playlists of films for the day.


3. How long will I be able to access events?     

The virtual festival will be available 24 hours a day.  Viewers can start, stop, pause, and restart viewing any event within 24 hours.


4. How will I be able to view events?     

With a strong internet connection and going to our website at viewers will be able to access and view the films in the Online Film Festival. Viewers will be able to view films from desktop and laptop computers, smartphones such as iPhones, androids, window-based phones, tablets such as iPads, Kindles, androids.


5. Will there be a rating/comments system attached to the screening of my film?     

Commenting features will be enabled for all films. The film programming team will monitor comments for any derogatory or negative activity.


6. Who do I reach out to if I have a problem during the virtual festival.     

Please email and our team will be available to answer questions.

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