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Many artists create work that intersects with political activism and social justice causes. Throughout history, art has been used as an accessible tool for communication, raising awareness about social issues and affecting positive change.


The Office of Student Engagement and Formation welcomes The International Black Film Festival (IBFF) to American Baptist College. IBFF Founder and CEO, Ms. Hazel Joyner Smith, will discuss the components, issues, and challenges of Social Justice, Equity, Advocacy, and Leadership (SEAL) in the Film Industry and Creative Arts. 


How does (SEAL) manifest itself in the Film Industry and the Creative Arts? How do we see it? How it's in everything we do?


  • Audience engagement: Are you visible in your community? Acknowledgment, Support, etc.

  • Statical information from Hollywood Report. The film, directors, etc., comes from People of Color.

  • What do they do and do not see? How valuable are we to the industry? How do we get our return? 


We will engage in dialogue about problems faced by communities around the world. Join us for a riveting conversation on Social Justice through art.

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

American Baptist College / Susie McClure Library/Fine Arts Rm.


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