Nathan Fluellen is the creator, executive producer and host of World Wide Nate: African Adventures. The reality travel show follows the Chicago native, who is a thrill-seeker with a magnetic personality and penchant for pushing himself outside of his comfort zone. The international travel vlogger ( hikes the Democratic Republic of the Congo mountains to the world’s largest lava lake, rappels alongside a 600-foot-tall waterfall in Lesotho, and treks through the Rwandan jungle alongside silverback gorillas, and more.  His show is produced by 31 Dogwood Productions, TAC studios and is streaming on Amazon Prime.


Nathan’s interest in travel began in high school when his mother would travel on missionary trips abroad.  Her stories and experiences helped him realize that traveling the world was not only an option, but also a duty, to better understand & respect people around the world. 


While at Tennessee State University, Nathan’s professor, Dr. Galen Hull, who has visited over 80 countries, further ignited his interest in traveling, by sharing his travel autobiography and challenging Nathan to see more of the world than him.  Nate aptly accepted. Nathan has visited 60 countries and 6 continents.


Nathan is a brand ambassador for Breitling watches and his adventures have been sponsored by, Chase Marriott, Time, Fortune, Travel + Leisure, Ford & Lincoln Motors,,,  He is a 3-time winner of LAWebfest’s - Most Outstanding Series and Series Host. 


Giving back is also one of Nathan’s chief priorities.  He joined Rak Life, on a trip to Paje, Zanzibar where they helped feed 300 of their elderly population. He has partnered with Patagonia and South African Airways to donate wetsuits and surfboards to the Durban, South Africa based non-profit Surfers Not Street Children. 


You can follow all of World Wide Nate’s adventures on social media @worldwidnate and his website

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