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Black History

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African Americans and the Arts

From the earliest moments of American history, African Americans have utilized the arts as a means of expression, resistance and preservation. 


Through music, dance, visual arts, and more, Black individuals have shared their experiences, challenged injustice, and maintained cultural traditions. In the face of systemic oppression and marginalization, the arts have served as a powerful tool for Black creatives to reclaim their narratives, celebrate their heritage, and inspire social change. Throughout the centuries, African American artists have gifted the world with extraordinary contributions that have shaped American culture. From the soulful sounds of blues and jazz to the vibrant works of the Harlem Renaissance, from the revolutionary words of the Black Arts Movement to the contemporary creations of today's artists, Black Americans have consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation and artistry. 


During Black History Month, we honor and celebrate this rich legacy, recognizing the profound impact African Americans have had on the arts and the vital role the arts have played in Black liberation.

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