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DIRECTOR(s): Ricky Burchell

PROJECT TYPE: Narrative Feature
GENRE: Drama · Romance · Comedy
COUNTRY: United States
CAST:  Omar Gooding, Michellee Bailey, Sam Brooks, Ricky Burchell

The once-famous celebrity disc jockey, DJ Taz, falls hard from his days of fortune and glory to find himself left behind in a world in which he no longer feels that he belongs. Now employed as a late-night AM radio DJ at his friend, Tony’s, struggling station, the embittered Taz often uses the mic to bemoan the condition of the world he finds himself in. His anger can easily be evoked to embark on tirades against his callers for being complicit to what he understands as the problems with the world. His outbursts frequently put the station in jeopardy and push his friendship with Tony to the breaking point. Until one day a beautiful voice on the line simply says, “I understand” and begins to cut through the hard exterior of the radio personality and inspire a new listening audience around the country when their nightly conversation's go viral.

*Narrative Short Jahleel and Star will screen right before AM Radio

AM Radio Updated Cover 8 brighter.jpeg

Friday, September 29⋅7:00 – 9:00pm

Location:  R. Milton and Denise Johnson Center at Belmont Univ.

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