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(Spotlight Film)

Aiden, a far more intelligent kid than any ten-year-old boy should be, wishes that his newly formed family of his sister, dad, step-mother and step-brother could all get along. With the siblings constantly bickering, it's been anything but merry in the Kingsley household. With the annual Christmas science fair approaching, Aiden attempts to create an experiment in order to help his family feel like the tight knit one he yearns for. After many failed attempts, Aiden calls upon a forgotten Christmas spirit to help. With a little bit of this newfound Christmas magic, the siblings unknowingly switch bodies. Now stuck in the body of someone they couldn't seem to get along with, the siblings must work together in order to break the spell and switch back before Christmas morning

9-25-22_A Family Matters  Christmas Poster.jpeg
Day 3 
Saturday, Oct. 1 / 8:15 p.m. – 10:15 pm CST

R. Milton & Denice Johnson Center
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