About the festival

The International Black Film Festival

Festival, Conference & Marketplace

An inclusive, high impact marketplace where "independent" creatives can engage with and learn from the best in the industry.  It is an interactive environment where opportunity thrives and business is done, centered around 6  key focal points: 

  • Create

  • Innovate

  • Activate

  • Monetize

  • Watch

  • Entertain



The International Black Film Festival (IBFF), established in 2006 as a non-profit 501 c(3), was founded by Chief Executive Officer and founder Hazel Joyner-Smith.  IBFF also relies on a highly competent team of committed professionals who invest their time and expertise in this effort to bring culturally diverse communities together to showcase their work as emerging and skilled independent filmmakers, actors, composers, screenwriters, directors and other film professionals.





"Defining Our Stories, Transforming Our Image” as its organizational theme, IBFF strives to ensure culturally accurate depictions in film with special emphasis on telling the stories in our own voice, providing a forum for unheard, unseen and unknown viewpoints, and to showcase the rich creativity and diversity found in communities of color locally, nationally and internationally.

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